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Capsule Endoscopy
General Surgery
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Live demonstration can be given to patients via theater channel facility
Olympus Smartage System for Upper GI Endoscopy, Colonoscopy and ERCP and
     advanced ERCP
Motorised OT table
Boyle's Machine
Central O2 Supply
Computerised Report
Stenting, Dilatation, Biliary Stones, Band Ligation, Foreign body removal,
     Glue Injection,etc
All Procedures for diagnostic and therapeutic Endoscopy
Isolated Endoscopic theatre
IITV / Hi-freq C-arm 9" with rotating anode
Motorized O.T. table with ERBE ICC 350 diathermy
Olympus smartage system with all three video endoscopes
Gastro / Colono / Duodenoscope
Diagnosis of :
     a) Oesophagus : Growth, infection, varices
     b) Stomach : ulcer, Cancer, Polyp bleeding
     c) Pancreas : Growth, Infection, Stone
Therapeutic Endoscopy
      Sclerotherapy, Band ligation, Balloon dilatation, Glue injection, Sphincterotomy,
      Biopsy, Stenting, Colonic biopsy, Polyp  removal